The Prayer of the Junior Adept
5th Dimension
Most holy and beloved, eternal Mother-Father-God, our creator;

Let my will be Thy Will;

Shine Thy Light upon my path, be my guide and my strength;

Inheriting the Universe of Universes as my eternal home,
I lay down my pride and ego now and forever;

My innermost intention is drawing ever closer to You,
in Love and all-encompassing Unity;

You are the Path, the Truth and the Light,
Yours is the Glory and the Praise of Creation;

Now and in Light of this Truth, Most Beloved Eternal Parent,
open for us the gate to the 5th Dimension;

Where all thought is known, where no flaw shall be hidden,
where Truth and Love do reign;

Where the gateway to the Galactic Brotherhood is open to truly awakened men –
living in constant realization of Thy Omnipresent Omniscience;
the Christ Consciousness.

In true Love we ask, so it shall be.